Our Mission

Posted on, 12 July 2014 at 10.30am by admin

Our Company is a personal structure with a vision for every single kid to have the chance to live a healthy and fit excellent life. The Foundation raises funds to support continuous nationwide, provincial and regional exercise programs. Our Company members and partners offer their time to fundraise, promote and assist kids ages 4-14 get active. To this day, Our Company Foundation has actually affected over 240,000 kids throughout through exercise chances supported by the Our Company School Program and Our Company Kids Grant Program.

Our Company has a happy history of assisting charitable and not-for-profit companies for over 30 years. We have actually sponsored occasions, supplied present plans, and offered our time every year. As a Canadian business, we see neighborhood financial investments not just as a duty, however as an important element in developing strong and healthy neighborhoods. Our Community Investment efforts are owned by our vision to offer every chance to live a fit a healthy excellent life. These efforts are mainly led by our Public Relations group.